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Louisville Slugger 2010 H2 Hybrid FP9H2 ( 10) Fastpitch Softball Bat
Natural Intermediate Chest Protector
Mizuno GMVP1126P 11.25 inch Infield Baseball Glove
Stealth Youth Chest Protector
Mizuno GMVP1152 11.5 Inch Infield Glove Baseball Gloves
2010 Samurai G2 Youth Chest Protector
Team Gear Bag On Wheels
892INP Inflator UltraJoc Catchers Pant
Combat 2010 Virus Morphed Slow Pitch Softball Bat
Easton 2010 LSS2 Stealth Speed ( 9) Youth Baseball Bat
Worth Baseball WLBH Liberty Batters Helmet
Easton Baseball Facemask
Rawlings 2010 5150 Hybrid YB5150H ( 12) Youth Baseball Bat
Wilson 2010 Pudge on Wheels
Nokona AMG1150B MT 11.5 Inch Infield Glove Baseball Gloves
DOL 1 Official League Baseball
DeMarini 2009 Vendetta DXVTR ( 9) Senior League Bat Baseball Bats
Easton 2010 Reflex SX80B ( 12) Fast Pitch Bat
Nokona AMGFB W 12.5 Inch 1st Base Mitt Baseball Gloves
Rawlings SLLMPG8 Plasma Gold ( 8) baseball bat
Rawlings GG12XTCBW Gold Glove 12 Inch Infield Glove Baseball Gloves
Easton Natural Junior Softball Helmet with Mask
Easton Team Tar
Easton 2010 LV2 V12 OZONE ( 13) Youth Baseball Bat
Easton Baseball Glove I Pro 152BT 11.5 Inch Glove
Athletic Specialties Score Book
Easton Reflex BX70 ( 3) Adult Baseball Bat
Mizuno Techfire G2 Batting Gloves
Mizuno GXC75 34 inch Catchers Baseball Glove
2010 Samurai G2 Adult Shin Guards
Mizuno 2010 Frenzy 2 10 Fastpitch Bat
Nokona AMG600K OW 12.5 Inch Buckaroo Glove Baseball Gloves
Nokona AMG1150W MT 11.5 Inch Infield Glove Baseball Gloves
Nokona AMG1150BL MT 11.5 Infield Glove Baseball Gloves
Mizuno Samurai G2 Fastpitch Chest Protector
Akadema Prodigy ATM 92 11.25in Infield Baseball Glove
Rawlings BBRSHCT 2008 Rush Comp ( 3) Baseball Bat
Easton 2010 Synergy Clear SCL1 (13.5 inch Barrel)
Easton Stealth CNT 2008 BST37 ( 9.5) Baseball Bat
Louisville Slugger Z1250 12.5 Inch Fast Pitch Softball Glove
Louisville Slugger 2009 Exogrid YB9X ( 11.5) Youth Baseball Bat
American League MLB X30 22 inch Titanium Necklace
Rawlings Baseball CFABH Batting Helmet
Nokona AMG600 K FP 12.5 Inch Buckaroo Softball Glove
RCM325 Player Preferred Catcher Mitt
Easton Pro Stix 2
Louisville Slugger FL1151 Pro Flare 11.5 Inch Glove Baseball Gloves
Easton Baseball Glove STX 115 11.5 inch Glove
Worth LYB13 Prodigy ( 13) Youth League Baseball Bat
123LWS Heatr Long Warming Sleeve
Wilson Pro Stock Hinge FX 14 Inch Fastpitch Leg Guards
Worth SLLE10 ( 10) Worth Lithium Edge Baseball Bat
ASDUF Advisory Staff Rolling Duffle Bag
Premier G2 Bat Bag
Rawlings BGP95OT Batting Gloves


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DeMarini Voodoo 2008 DXVDR (-8) Senior League Baseball Bat

DeMarini Voodoo 2008 DXVDR (-8) Senior League Baseball Bat

The end-loaded Voodoo baseball bat is designed for elite Senior League play. Half and Half Technology New Evolution composite handle tuned to SC-3 high performance alloy barrel for maximum performance Ion end cap reduces feedback on off-center hits

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DeMarini Voodoo 2008 DXVDR (-8) Senior League Baseball Bat  Click Here to Read More...

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