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1 Watt LED Camping Lantern

1 Watt LED Camping Lantern

Features and Benefits Robust 1 W LED camping lantern with a strong output of 30 lumens Perfect answer to power outage or car breakdown at night 3 adjustable light intensity level including flashing Up to 50 hours illumination. With a hanger hook, making it a versatile accessory for use in greenhouse, garden or remote stables Specifications Model No. LT-013D Bulb Type 1 Watt Nichia white LED Output Power 30Lumens Operation High > Low > Flashing > Off Battery Type 3x D size Batteries [Not Included] Battery Life 50 hours [Maximum output:6 hours] Product Size 88X88X193mm Product Weight 862g [with batteries]

All-Battery > Camp / Hunting LED Lantern

1 Watt LED Camping Lantern  Click Here to

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