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1W LED Waterproof Headlight with 4 Modes

1W LED Waterproof Headlight with 4 Modes

1 Watt Waterproof Headlight 3 Digitally Controlled Brightness LEvels - 100%, 50% and 25% Flashing Mode for Emergencies Water Resistant DC-DC Regulator maintains Maximum Light Output throughout the Entire Battery Life Specifications Model No. HL-1013A Bulb Type 1 Watt Luxeon Output Power 15 Lumens Operation 100% > 50% >25% > Flashing Battery Type 3 x 1.5V AAA Batteries [Duracell Alkaline Batteries Included] Battery Life 1 hour [100%] 3 hour [ 50%] 6.5 hour [ 25%] 2.5 hour [100%] Product Size 70x55x45mm Product Weight 132g [with batteries]

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1W LED Waterproof Headlight With 4 Modes News

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