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Li-Ion 14500 Rechargeable AA size 3.6V 750mAh

Li-Ion 14500 Rechargeable AA size 3.6V 750mAh

Features And Benefits Lithium Ion14500 cylindrical AA size rechargeable batteries 3.6V 750mah high capacity,3 times the Voltage of AA nimh or nicd rechargeable battery (1.2V) Higher energy density and lower weight than other types rechargeable batteries Ideal for building power packs for RC Car, plane, robots etc with less cells needed than that for nimh or nicd batteries. Manufactured under ISO9001-2000 to assure quality Battery tested based on International Electronic Commission (IEC) standard to ensure capacity, quality and life timeApplications: RC Applications, car, plane etc. Safety, Alarm, metering, power backup etc. Building portable power device needing high energy density and low weightCautions: Use special caution when working with Li-ion cells, they are very sensitive to charging characteristics and may explode if mishandled. Make sure user has enough knowledge on Li-Ion rechargeable batteries in charging, discharging and assembly before use. We are not responsible for any damage caused by misuse or mishandling of theses Li-Ion batteriesProduct Specifications: Capacity: Nominal 750 mah Dimensions: 14Dx49Hmm Weight (Typical) Approximate.21 g Nominal working voltage: Average 3.6V Peak Voltage: 4.2V Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 2.75V Internal Resistance: <80 mOhm Cycle Performance: 85% of initial capacity at 300 cycles Cycle life: > 300 cycles Max. Charging current: 1C ma Max. Discharging current 2.5C ma (for continuous discharge)

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