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PDA Battery for IPAQ 1910

PDA Battery for IPAQ 1910

Lithium Ion Battery for Compaq PDA Brand new and 100% compatible with 1 Year Warranty Type: Lithium Ion, Benefit: High capcity and no memory effect. Voltage: 3.7V Capacity: 900mAh Color: Dark Weight: 0.3 lb Dimension: 5.2x3.9x5.6 cmThis battery fits Compaq PDA models iPAQ 1900 Series, iPAQ 1940 Series, iPAQ Pocket PC 1915 iPAQ Pocket PC 1920, iPAQ Pocket PC 1935, iPAQ Pocket PC 1937 iPAQ Pocket PC h1930, iPAQ Pocket PC h1940 iPAQ Pocket PCPE2060, iPAQ Pocket PC PE2062 This battery replaces Compaq battery models 311314-002, 311315-B21, 311340-001

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PDA Battery For IPAQ 1910 News

REVIEW: HP iPaq 1910

If you use a PDA on long flights then take an extra battery or go with a device that has a marathon battery life (the Dell Axim reportedly does very well on battery life). This section is brief since ...


More iPAQ 2200 series specs surface

i admit i have a pda addiction, and yesterday i made a deal online to trade my dell axim for an ipaq 1910 and some cash ... user-replaceable battery, landscape and portrait modes without a ...


REVIEW: Dell Axim X5

The theory is that this will save battery power by allowing ... padding being placed on their PDA. As far as layout goes, here’s what you’ll find in each area on the Axim: As far as form and looks ...


Rugged Protection for HP iPaq 6500–OtterBox 1910

Otter Products, LLC. introduces the OtterBox 1910, an interactive, waterproof case designed for the HP iPaq 6500. With this case, users have an innovative convergent technology solution–a phone, PDA, ...


Pocket PCs: The Wi-Fi Generation

Each has removable, rechargeable batteries and a charging cradle with ... the units differ significantly. HP's $449 IPaq H4150 is a mere 0.5-inch thick and has the rounded bottom and general ...


HP iPAQ rx5900 Travel Companion reviewed

The folks at LAPTOP Magazine have come out with some pretty high praise for HP's iPAQ rx5900 Travel Companion (a slight variation of the rx5915), calling it the best GPS/PDA hybrid yet and ...


PDA Pundit: Lots of News in Handheld Land

It's a midsized phone-PDA hybrid with an integrated keyboard, a built-in 1.3-megapixel camera, and a GPS receiver; a cheaper version, the hw6510, dispenses with the camera. The new IPaq runs the ...


Extra Battery Power

That setup should add 100%–200% more battery life than the default Pocket PC battery. iPAQ Battery charger (Model PDA-B001) from Semsons.com: On sale for $7.


HP iPAQ rx4540

But the fact that you have to unclasp the cover from the PDA ... The iPAQ also offers persistent storage support so your data is retained even when the handheld runs out of battery power.


XScale programs to speed up your Pocket PC flourish

not positive on pda's but it shoudl be the same as a pc ... this is the case with the ipaq 1910 that started the trend. the processor is being kicked up to 300 mhz, which is wha the chip was ...




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