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PDA Battery for Palm M515

PDA Battery for Palm M515

Lithium Polymer Battery for Palm PDA- Brand new and 100% compatible with 1 Year Warranty- Type: Lithium Polymer, - Benefit: High capcity and no memory effect.- Voltage: 3.7V- Capacity: 850mAh- Color: Grey- Weight: 0.3 lbThis battery fits Palm PDA models: Palm M515This battery replaces Palm battery models: Palm S3261

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Playing with the m130 and m515

based on the microsoft pocketpc 2002 operating system, this small, lightweight device with a very long battery ... m515. it is a stop gap measure, and is being introduced only in an circumvent the bad ...


Kirrio 5-in-1 Charger for Palm PDAs Review

For those of you that own a Palm m125, m130, m500, m505, m515 or i705 and do care ... The right LED indicates the status of the PDA battery. According to the manual that shipped with the 5-in-1, red ...


Only Nintendo could kill the Game Boy

Sega’s $149.99 8-bit Game Gear was slightly more affordable than the Lynx, and it at least had big names like Sonic the Hedgehog on board, but it was notorious for its short battery ... PDA and games ...


Consumer Reports Rates The PDAs

It recommends two devices — the Sony CLIE PEG-SJ20 and Palm Zire — for new PDA users, two devices — the Palm m515 and Tungsten T — for current ... the devices in four main areas — ease of use, battery ...


Palm Unveils Cheap PDA for Masses

And while the m100 and m105 require two AAA batteries, the Zire gets power from a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and comes with an AC ... It's the cheapest PDA running on the Palm operating system. ...


Palm m515 Review

Almost a year has passed since Palm launched the m505. The first Palm handheld which had a color screen and could easily become the best PDA around ... screen or longer battery life. When “Off”, there ...


How to: Pick the PDA that is right for you

I decided to buy the $400 Palm M515. Its thin, half-inch form and lightweight 4.9 ounces appealed to me. I also liked the built-in 16 megabytes of memory and the fact that the Palm uses two ...


If you crave a PDA, you have options

But one of those recommendations raised a troublesome question for a reader: "My boss is telling everyone that we need to get a PDA," my reader confided. "He recently bought a Palm Tungsten ... color ...


Review: Seidio 3500mAh Battery for Palm Treo Pro

The Seidio 3500mah battery for the Palm Treo Pro ($69.95) is hands down the mother of all batteries ... a few phone calls and about 2 hours of Internet and PDA functions, I was left with 48 percent ...


New Palm a Tough Sell for Biz

As for the company's high-end, pricier models, Palm plans to discontinue making the m505 and has lowered the price for the m500 to $300. It's latest high-end PDA, the m515, will come with 16 MB of ...




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