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PDA Battery for Palm M515

PDA Battery for Palm M515

Lithium Polymer Battery for Palm PDA- Brand new and 100% compatible with 1 Year Warranty- Type: Lithium Polymer, - Benefit: High capcity and no memory effect.- Voltage: 3.7V- Capacity: 850mAh- Color: Grey- Weight: 0.3 lbThis battery fits Palm PDA models: Palm M515This battery replaces Palm battery models: Palm S3261

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PDA Battery For Palm M515 Dispatches

Palm Centro PDA Phone (AT&T)

The Palm Centro is an attractive option not just for Palm devotees ... Another difference surfaced inour performance tests: The AT&T Centro's battery lasted 6 hours, 47 minutes, while the Sprint-based Centro's battery lasted 4 hours, 19 minutes.


Review: Add-ons for your new PDA

Popular Palm, Handspring ... of music to save battery life. It also has three audio output jacks so you can listen to tunes with a couple of friends, Suwanjinder says. Software and hardware add-ons let you use your PDA as a compass, a camera, an MP3 ...


Review: Palm's Versatile, Inexpensive New Centro Smartphone

Just as no one's beaten the BlackBerry for smartphone e-mail, no one's got a better scheduler and organizer than Palm. It's why I still keep my creaky 2002-vintage Palm m515 PDA. As with all ... it straight from there. Battery life was remarkably good ...


Requiem for a Machine

It's not cheap: You'll ... PDA/cell phone. It's a phone, pure and simple. (Service is available from at least four companies: AT&T, Cingular, Sprint, and soon T-Mobile.) To be clear, this is a phone that contains everything you used to buy a PDA for: Palm ...


Why old people still like their PDAs

Sure, there's always eBay, but as time goes on, even never-opened devices are going to have battery problems ... desktop connectivity she's come to know with the Palm Desktop. There is no doubt the PDA market has collapsed, eclipsed completely by the ...


Help Me, LAPTOP: What to Buy When You're Pining for Your PDA

We recently received a note from a reader who's isn't impressed with the current lineup of smartphones, and who longs for his venerable Palm T/X PDA. Matt believes that ... with it's original battery. Which smartphone has half that? It seems like we ...


Low-cost Palm PDA an unsung standout

It debuted recently, only to get eclipsed because the company also released the LifeDrive, a new PDA with a 4 gigabyte hard drive and ... so it won't be lost if the battery dies. The E2 color display is dramatically brighter than earlier models, thanks ...


Not-so-mobile battery life: Time to force the issue

I was having a lovely conversation last week with a woman who had just upgraded to a Palm Pre. She's been an avid user of Palm products since the company's first-generation PalmPilots defined the PDA market ... she told me about battery life, and suddenly ...


Wrist PDA, More Novelty Than Utility

Thanks to the wonders of technology, you can now wear a wristwatch that doubles as a Palm organizer. But do you want such a contraption, Fossil's $249 FX2008 Wrist PDA, strapped to your ... but that's a sure way to eat up the battery.


Sony debuts Palm OS prototype at PC Expo

Mizuhara says Sony chose the Palm OS because it has better third-party support than the Pocket PC and is easier to use. Other features to be introduced with Sony's PDA are a docking cradle and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.




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