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Battery for Kapok D400 Sager NP4000 Series 14.8v 4400mAh NEW
12 Volt Hot Pot
TENERGY NU26 Cordless Phone Battery
2 Pcs of Sc 3000 mAh high capacity NiMH Rechargeable batteries with tap
20 pcs of C Size 4000 mAh high capacity high rate NiMH Rechargeable batteries
8 Pcs of CR123A Lithium Photo Batteries High capacity 1300mAh
7.4 volt 1650mAh 10C Li Poly Pack
TENERGY NU44 Cordless Phone
11.1 volt 1650mAh 8C Li Poly Pack
Battery for HP Pavilion N5000 OmniBook XE3 Series Laptops Li Ion 11.1v 6600mAH NEW [Generic]
One NiCd 4 5 Sub C 1300 mAh Rechargeable battery with Tab New
RCR123A 3.0V 750mAh Rechargeable Li Ion Battery
Battery for Acer TravelMate 610 Series Laptops Li Ion 11.1v 3300mAH NEW [OEM]
Battery for Sony VAIO PCG TR Series laptops Li Ion 11.1v 6600mAh NEW [Generic]
7.4 volt 2000mAh 8C Li Poly Pack
TENERGY NU164 Cordless Phone Battery for Uniden and Southwestern Bell
One NiCd 24V 5000mAh Battery DC Power Pack
Battery for Compaq Presario 700 Evo N105 N115 Series Laptops Li Ion 14.4v 4400mAH NEW [Generic]
Battery for WinBook J J1 J2 Series Laptop Li Ion 14.8v 4000mAh NEW [OEM]
60 pcs of AA 1800 mAh NiMH Rechargeable batteries
Blinky Lipo Pack Balancer
Compaq Armada M700 Series Laptop Battery
One 9.6V 2000 mAh Square Transmiter Battery Pack for HiTec Airtronic
Four LG Li Ion 18650 3.7V 2400 mAh Rechargeable Batteries
Battery for WinBook J4 Series Laptops 14.8v 6600mAh Li Ion SILVER NEW [Generic]
11.1 volt 3850mAh 8C Li Poly Pack
One 4 3 AF 4200 mAh high capacity NiMH battery with Tap
Battery for Kapok 5100 5300 5500 Series Li Ion 11.1v 6000mAh NEW
Dual Use Charger with one RCRV3 Rechargeable Li Ion Battery
TENERGY NU10 Cordless Phone Battery
6V 1100 mAh NiMH Hump Battery Pack for RC Plane
Battery for Acer Aspire 1400 Series Laptop Li Ion 14.8v 5850mAh NEW [Compal OEM]
4 pcs of 9V NiMH rechargeable Battery
Smart Universal Battery Pack Charger 12V 16.8V Current Selection
Polymer Li Ion Battery 3.7V 5570mAh
WAGAN 150 Watt DC to AC Power Inverter with 2 AC Outlets
Battery for SONY VAIO PCG 700 800 900 F FX XG XR Series Laptops Li Ion 14.8v 4400mAh NEW [Generic]
F Size 1.2 V 14000 mAh NiMH Rechargeable Battery
Battery for MITAC MiNote 8170 Sery Laptop PC Li Ion 11.1V 6600mAh NEW [Generic]
Battery for Compaq Armada 3500 Series Laptops Li Ion 10.8v 4500mAH NEW [OEM]
T 6833 Compact Charger with Timer Control 8 AA NiMH Batteries
WAGAN Universal Mobile Power Adaptor 24W
11.1 volt 3850mAh 10C Li Poly Pack
11.1 volt 700mAh 20C Li Poly Pack
Battery for HP Pavilion N5000 OmniBook XE3 Series Laptops Li Ion 11.1v 5400mAh [OEM]
Battery for Sony VAIO PCG 505 F505 N505 C1 C2 Series Laptops Double Capacity Li Ion 11.1v 3600mAh NEW [Generic]
24 pcs of AAA 900 mAh high capacity NiMH Rechargeable batteries New
Tenergy Battery for Ryobi CTH1442 FL1400 Power Tool Battery
Lithium Ion Camcorder Battery for SONY NP FP90
10 pcs of Sc 3300 mAh high capacity NiMH Rechargeable batteries with tap
LED and Krypton Dual Source Spotlight
Protection Circuit Module ( PCB ) for 22.2V Li Ion Battery Pack (6 cells with 8A limit )
Battery for IBM Thinkpad X20 X21 X22 X23 Series Laptops Li Ion 10.8V 4000mAh NEW [Generic]
9.6V 350mA Wall Charger with Tamiya Connector
One NiCd 7.2V 2100mAh Battery Pack for RC Cars
Battery for Compaq Evo N400c N410c Series Laptops Li Ion 14.8v 2000mAH NEW [Generic]
TENERGY NU43 Cordless Phone Battery
TENERGY NU36 Cordless Phone Battery
20 pcs of C Size 5000 mAh high capacity high rate NiMH Rechargeable batteries
6V 2000mAh NiMH RX Battery Packs with Hitec Connector for RC Hitec Aircrafts Walking Robot
Tenergy Battery for Black & Decker PS145 Pod Style Power Tool
Tenergy NiMH Battery for Motorla GP328 Two Way Radio
F Size 1.2 V 12000 mAh NiMH Rechargeable Battery
High Volume Automatic Charger with 8 AA 2000mAh 4AAA 800mAh NiMH Batteries
Battery for Kapok D500 Sager 5600 5800 Series 14.8v 4400mAh NEW
One piece 9V 200mAh NiMH high capacity rechargeable Battery
Battery for Apple iBook [M7426] Laptops Li Ion 14.4v 4000mAh NEW [Generic]
One piece of Sc 3000 mAh high capacity NiMH Rechargeable battery with tap
Polymer Li Ion Battery 3.7V 875mAh
T 3150 Ultra Fast Charger with 4 AA 2600 mAh NiMH Rechargeable Batteries New
TENERGY NU74 Cordless Phone Battery
Protection circuis Module ( PCB ) for 3.6V Li Polymer Battery (3.5A limit)
TENERGY NU2 Cordless Phone Battery for Motorola and NW Bell
One NiCd C Size 3500 mAh Rechargeable battery
7.4 volt 800mAh 10C Li Poly Pack
TENERGY NU160 Cordless Phone Battery for Southwestern Bell
T 1000 Ultra Fast Dual Use Charger for Indoor and Travel with 12 AA 2300 mAh NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
Two 8.4V 3000mAh Hump NiMH Battery Packs (Free shipping)
4.8V 2000 mAh NiMH Receiver Battery for Hitec Futaba and JR ect
BC1HU Universal Smart Charger with 4 C Size (5000 mAh) and 4 D Size (9000 mAh) high capacity NiMH Rechargeable Batteries


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Sc 3500 mAh high capacity High Drain (10C) NiMH Rechargeable battery (with Free tabs)

Sc 3500 mAh high capacity High Drain (10C) NiMH Rechargeable battery (with Free tabs)

Features and BenefitsHigh quality Sub C size 3500 mAh Nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH) battery with solderable TabUp to 35 Amps 10Chigh drain current rate for unmatched high power performanceIdeal for making various battery packs for heavy duty applications such as remote control (RC) toys, electrical guns, power tools and backupsSolderable taps enable cost effective and easy way to make your own power pack of different voltage and shapeEach cell is individually checked before shipping and all the batteries are matchedUltra high capacity, 80% more running time than Ni-Cd Sc batteryVery long cycle life and Rapid battery charge upSignificant savings (60 % or more) from any retail storesFree tabs for solderingBattery tested based on International Electronic Commission (IEC) standard to ensure capacity, quality and life time6 months warrantyTechnical SpecificationsDimension: Height 43 mm, Diameter 23 mmWeight: 0.13lbs per cellCapacity: 3500 mAhVoltage: 1.2VSingle Cell Resistance <=5 Mili OhmStandard Charge: 15 hours @ 300 mARapid Charge: 2 hours @ 3000 mASpecification:SC 3500mah

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Sc 3500 mAh high capacity High Drain (10C) NiMH Rechargeable battery (with Free tabs)  Click Here to Read More...

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Sc 3500 MAh High Capacity High Drain (10C) NiMH Rechargeable Battery (with Free Tabs) Bulletins

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